Philippine Combatives

Are you looking for something different?  Something to challenge and engage you?

Studying martial arts is something that anybody – at any age or fitness level – can do. Martial arts classes are fun, empowering, and provide a great workout for adults. Whether you want to defend yourself, lose weight, or just have fun, our adult martial arts classes have something to offer.

Philippine Combatives offers students the chance to train in a weapons based system. Training includes the stick, knife and machete among other weapons. Philippine Combatives training emphasizes working with rattan sticks to learn a self-defense system that is directly transferable to an empty hand and can instantly be used to defend oneself on the street. Filipinos are renowned warriors. Training with the staff at SMA gives you the chance to be one too. 

Single Stick Fighting
Commonly referred to as Isang Arnis, Escrima, Kali, and sometimes called solo baston. This style of Stick fighting focuses on your dominant hand. The training consists of allowing you to understand distances from long, middle and short ranges of stick fighting and includes catching, locking, take-downs and disarms.

Double Stick Fighting

Commonly referred to as Sinawalis or Doble Baston. Believing and utilizing both limbs in stick fighting definitely increases not only ones flexibility but strength on both arms. Your ability to be able to fight with single stick and be able to disarm an attacker sometimes ends up with you having two sticks in your hands. Preparation to utilize these two sticks in a very combative and practical way prepares our student to be well rounded stick fighters. The Philippine Combatives double stick training guarantees increased of speed and accuracy on both sides using both right and left hands; maximizing your training time.


This training is done using training knives which cannot be sharpened or for young students we will use short sticks to practice the movements.  Commonly referred to as Daga sa Daga or Knife to Knife. This style focuses on utilizing your knife when encountering knife attacks. 

Hand to Hand
Commonly referred to as Mano a Mano. The Philippine Combatives will give you a better understanding of the weapon systems and its connection to hand to hand fighting. The Philippine Combatives system will not only enhance the hand to hand training you have already acquired but will complement and strengthen it.

More information can be found about Philippine Combatives here.